Dual NanEye mini camera video and motion logger is designed to receive signal from two subminiature CMOS image camera cubes with embedded lens, over up to 1 m flexible cable. Received data is preprocessed, joined with accelerometric data and stored on a micro SD card for later transfer to a host PC. The device is equipped with a micro USB 2.0 interface for a convenient configuration and battery charging. The device is powered from a micro-USB socket or by one Li-Poly cell integrated into the system for portability. Battery life may be further extended using commercial of-the-shelf USB power banks.
The camera controls external infrared LED light sources automatically, adjusting illumination strength and frame exposure.
A high-quality video output is based on a true 10-bit per pixel video processing.
The PC software offers a wide variety of flexibly adjustable capture scenarios well-matched for various scientific research or surveillance tasks.
The system is capable of registering not only video from two independent camera heads at once, but also movement – based on an integrated accelerometer module.


Super Speed Image Processing Engine IE5G_SS

It's our most advanced board. Up to 600/1200 converted pages per minute and much more.
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