AC62KUSB - Color area camera based on NanEye sensor
NanEye is a tiny camera module which consists of a CMOS image sensor. This sensor can be assembled with a special lens, fits in a diameter of only 1.5mm, works fully autonomous and can drive up to 2m cable without any external components at the distal end.
The camera optic covers a field of 1mm x 1mm with 62.5 KPixel (250 x 250 Pixel) at a 3um pitch and provides clear and sharp images.

For an excellent image quality, the camera controls the lighting. On the sensor edges, there are four LED lights installed; the luminous intensity of each LED light is independently controlled.

To reduce the heating of this small electronic, the frame rate can be dropped down.
The power supply of the electronic is about 5V from USB host. Pictures, set ups and software updates are transferred via USB 2.0 to the host, where two independent working cameras can be connected.
For the communication with peripheral equipment, the camera is equipped with a RS232 output.
AC62KUSB camera is compatible with LabVIEW from National Instruments. There are drivers and communication libraries
available for following operating systems: Ms Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Linux distributions: Raspbian & Ubuntu. Further on request.

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