The DB5G_CXP4 daughter board for the IE5G_SS image processing engine adds support for BAP and third-party cameras with a CXP interface. The wide range of processing, detection, and compression features of the embedded IE5G_SS engine are now available for third- party CXP camera models.
The system consisting of the IE5G_SS plus the DB5G_CXP4 interface daughter board is designed not only as a high-performance embedded image grabber, but also for embedded video processing, image detection (with real-time decisions), and compression for various output formats.
The IE5G_SS is able to generate many images simultaneously from one scanned object. The processed images are sent to the host through a USB 3.0 Super Speed interface. MS Windows drivers are supported. Optionally, BAPis can provide drivers for other operating systems. The IE5G_SS can be installed
as an embedded system in any device which has to perform complicated image processing functions within a limited timeframe. The IE5G_SS was designed
to work with digital color cameras from BAPis, and with third party cameras.
With a performance of over 600 PPM (1200 IPM) 300 DPI DIN A4 simplex dual-stream (JPEG color + T6 bi-tonal) the IE5G_SS can be used in high-speed duplex color scanners. The IE5G_SS board has many additional image processing functions, such as compressions, image enhancement, Color Correction Matrix
for perfect color matching, advanced color filters, advanced asymmetric image sharpening, color saturation control filter, color de-correlation, barcode and mark recognition, and others.

Super Speed Image Processing Engine IE5G_SS

It's our most advanced board. Up to 600/1200 converted pages per minute and much more.
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