The IE64_HS, based on the DSP, FPGA and ASIC, has two camera inputs (serial or CameraLink) and is able to acquire many images simultaneously. The customized firmware rotates, crops, binarizes and compresses (according to CCITT Group IV, JPEG and JPEG2000) the acquired images. The processed images are sent to the host through USB2.0 interfaces. MS Windows drivers are supported. Other drivers can be developed custom specified. The IE64_HS can be installed as an embedded system in any device, which has to perform complicated image processing functions in a limited timeframe.

The IE64_HS was designed to work with digital color cameras from BAPis and third party cameras (CameraLink interface). IE64_HS can be used in high-speed duplex color scanners, up to 550ppm, DIN A4/200dpi simplex).

Super Speed Image Processing Engine IE5G_SS

It's our most advanced board. Up to 600/1200 converted pages per minute and much more.
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