PC104V2 - Industrial Embedded
The Industrial PC104 is very popular due to the ability to easily extend its funcionality, and its compact size. The BAPis PC104V2 is an Intel x86-compatible, low power, heavy-duty PC104 CPU board. The device is equipped with various interfaces for automation, process control, and other industrial requirements. The board supports DiskOnChip standard and may be adjusted for customer-specific needs. The memory is added via 200-pin SO-DIMM socket and can accept up to 512 MB of 400 MHz DDR system RAM. It also has a programmable Xilinx Spartan 3 AN FPGA space for custom extensions.

The PC104V2 has ten RS-232 ports for serial communication, one LPT (parallel) port IEEE 1284 (EPP and ECP compatible), two programmable TTL PWM outputs, and teo clock generator outputs. It also has eight general purpose inputs and outputs. 

Optionally, the PC104V2 can also have two 10/100Base-T Ethernet and four USB2.0 ports, an analog video output, a PATA/IDE storage connector, and a PS2 mouse and keyboard.  

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