Cam100G_SET - Digital Grayscale Camera Electronic 100MHz
The electronic of the Cam100G_SET is capable of capturing the gray image with a resolution up to 600dpi, DIN A3. The resolution depends on the optical part of the camera and light system and set up parameters of the cameras.
The camera electronic has to be included in the customer's optic system.

The camera is able to scan images with defined resolution depending on the avtive number of pixels. The quality of the image depends on the light, optic and paper transport system.

The Cam100G_SET works with BAP Image Engines (IE64-57 and IE64-HS). Both IE64 Image Processing Boards supports two camera inputs serviced in parallel at the same time. All necessary image processing functions can be customized using the open interface. Both image processing units have standard USB2.0 interface to Host-PC. The hardware version of IE64-57 can be equipped with other interfaces (USB3.0., Ethernet).


Super Speed Image Processing Engine IE5G_SS

It's our most advanced board. Up to 600/1200 converted pages per minute and much more.
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