BAPis LC – S550 300 DPI Color Line Scanner
The BAPis LC-550 300 DPI Color Line Scanner assembly comprises a LC8K100CXP camera electronic based on a DR-2x8K-7 Awaiba CMOS sensor, a BAPis special developed high power LED lighting controlled through the camera software, two CoaXPress (CXP) interfaces and multiple optical mirrors. All components are fully integrated inside a sight through window equipped metal housing.  
Keeping machine integration in mind, special effort was taken to keep the housing dimensions at minimum by applying  a special and very precise optical mirror arrangement. 
With a speed of up to 5.0 m/s in full line readout mode, the fast data transmission is very well suited for quality control applications in today’s high speed digital print lines as well as in other industrial production lines where scan speed and image quality is essential required. 
Currently, the LC8K100CXP camera using the BAPis CoaXPress frame grabber reaches a calculated maximum line rate of 61K scan lines/s at 8bit RGB matrix pixel mode and full line readout. Shorter line length allows up to 78kHz line rate at 8bit, optionally 10bit or 12bit, per channel RGB Bayer matrix pixel mode.


Super Speed Image Processing Engine IE5G_SS

It's our most advanced board. Up to 600/1200 converted pages per minute and much more.
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